Monday, September 19, 2011

The Effective Alternative Treatment for Sciatica

Some of us might search for treatment for sciatica. Well, we are not alone because there are so many people are having this low back pain problem. Sciatica is different from other low back pain.  This low back pain comes with pain on the buttock that spreads to one of the legs, knee and foot. The pain sensation is like electricity, it can also come with burning sensation.  There are times when sciatica becomes so annoying because it can give pain in one leg and numb feeling in another leg.  Therefore, treatment for sciatica is needed before the pain gets worse.

Before we talk about treatment for sciatica, it had better for us to learn about the cause of this disease first.  Sciatica is the result of irritation of sciatic nerve. There is no specific movement that has a direct link to sciatica, but usually people who are having sciatica are those who have just lifted heavy stuff or moved so quick.  Sciatica could occur in a condition called herniated disc when the cushion between the bones are slipped. It could also occur under spinal stenosis condition when canal as the place of spinal cord is getting narrowed, spondylolisthesis when one backbone is slipped, stretched or pinched sciatic nerve and piriformis syndrome. Some people are also having sciatica because of aging and pregnancy. Here are some medical and alternative options for treatment for sciatica.

For the medical treatment for sciatica, we can take over the counter medicine like aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen can be quite helpful to reduce the pain. Some simple ways to reduce the pain is by taking cold pack. If we don’t have cold pack, then we can use a bag of frozen vegetable or anything cold. Since most of the options of treatment for sciatica are used to treat the pain only, not fixing the sciatica nerves or other major cause of the pain, then it is recommended to use alternative treatment for sciatica that will solve the problem permanently. Treating the pain with medicines that work like pain killer is able to cause dependency that can be so unhealthy for the physical and psychological condition. Here are the recommended alternative sciatica cure options we can use.

The first treatment for sciatica is acupuncture. This Chinese therapeutic practice is linked to Qi unblocking.  Qi is the vital energy of the boy and when it is blocked, the physical or psychological illness could occur. The fine needles that are used by the acupuncturist are used to unblock the Qi. Various body system problems can be cured with acupuncture, including sciatica. If acupuncture is done in regularly, then it is not impossible that sciatica can be cured. It can be a good alternative treatment for sciatica.

The second alternative treatment for sciatica is Acupressure. It is similar to acupuncture, but it does not use needles, but fingers, thumbs or elbows. People who are afraid of needle can choose acupressure. The fingers, thumbs or elbows are placed on the specific point of the body. The consistent pressure is able to stimulate the same effect as acupuncture. Acupressure is a recommended treatment for sciatica.

The third alternative treatment for sciatica is yoga. We might think that yoga is only like a meditation that will influence our psychological condition, but actually yoga is having a huge impact to our physical condition. Yoga is able to treat some health problems and it is very possible that sciatica cure can be done with yoga. This treatment for sciatica is highly recommended because it gives rejuvenation for our psychological and physical condition. With yoga, we are stretching our body and the movement is able to reduce the cause and pain of sciatica. It can cure sciatica effectively if the sciatica is caused by piripormis or the condition when we can find muscle on the lower part of the spine. Yoga as treatment for sciatica will stretch the muscle gently and slowly cure sciatica.

Fourth treatment for sciatica that is highly recommended is biofeedback. This exercise is aimed to connect the body and soul. This is a form of therapy for body and mind that will help us changing and controlling the habits that can cause pain or stress. Some of the techniques that are taught in biofeedback to treatment for sciatica are how to breathe correctly, mental exercise, visualization, physical exercise and some others.

Alternative treatment for sciatica is highly recommended because not only it will reduce the pain, but also repair the cause of the pain, so we can get permanent cure. If medicine is giving us negative side-effects, then the alternative treatment for sciatica are giving us positive effects like healthier body, overall health, better stamina and calmer mind. Therefore, if we need treatment for sciatica, why don’t we try alternative treatment for sciatica for permanent solution?